IT Willaims Ltd

The “Company” is I.T. Williams Co Ltd and includes any authorised representative of the company

It is the responsibility of the customer to examine the goods immediately upon delivery, any shortage or damage must be notified on the delivery note.

TITLE RETENTION CLAUSE. Until full payment of all monies due by the customer to the company

i. The title in the goods will not pass to the customer.
ii. The customer shall store the goods in a proper manner suitable to the type of goods involved.
iii. Goods must clearly be identifiable as the property of the company.
iv. The customer irrevocably authorises the company, its servants, agents or otherwise to enter the premises where the said goods are in the event of:
a. Any distress or execution is levied upon any of the assets of the customer and/or
b. The commencement of legal proceedings against the customer for the purpose of insolvency/bankruptcy and/or
c. A receiver be appointed over the whole or any part of your undertaking and/or
d. The calling of any creditors meeting of the customer.
v. The goods must not be sold by the customer.


-The “owner” is I.T.WILLIAMS CO LTD and includes any authorised representative of the company

-The “hirer” is the company, firm, corporation, person or public authority taking the owners Skip/Container on hire and includes their representatives and successors

Acceptance of the Skip/Container implies acceptance of all the terms and conditions of hire. The Skip/Container will be deemed to be accepted at the time that it is delivered to the site, irrespective of whether or not the hirer is present at the time

-Where a Skip/Container is delivered to a site other than on a public highway, the responsibility of the hirer begins when the owner’s vehicle leaves the public highway for the purpose of delivering the Skip/Container and continues until the vehicle returns to the public highway after collecting the Skip/Container. Any damage to the owners vehicle or Skip/Container which may occur off the public highway in the course of the delivery or the collection of the Skip/Container, is considered to be the responsibility of the hirer, except when such damage may be properly attributed to the negligence of the owner’s driver

-Where a Skip/Container is delivered to a site on any public highway the owner will obtain any permit require under the provision of sec.139 Highways Act, 1980, the owner will supply, at the time of delivery adequate lamps and markers to comply with the relevant regulations. It will be the responsibility of the hirer to comply with the conditions contained in the permit. The hirer will indemnify the owner against any claims which may arise as a result of failure to comply with the permit conditions or any legislation relevant to the leaving of the Skip/Container on the highway. When a hirer wishes to keep a Skip/Container on a highway for a period longer than that authorised by the existing permit, he must give the owner notice of at least 2 working days to enable the owner to renew the permit. In the absence of such notice, the owner reserves the right to remove the Skip/Container at the expiry of the time shown on the original permit

-During the period of hire (i.e. from the time of acceptance to the time of collection) the hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the Skip/Container. The hirer will indemnify the owner in respect of all such loss or damage; however such loss or damage may arise.

-During the period of hire, the hirer will indemnify the owner fully and completely in respect of all claims by any person whatsoever for injury to any person or animal, or damage to any property, caused by. Or in connection with, or arising from the hire of a Skip/Container and in respect of all costs and charges arising there from, whether incurred under the provision of statue or common law